performance in schools | social practice, 2022-ongoing 

performance in schools is an ongoing project that seeks to open up space for change in the UK education system through performance art.

Performance art is absent from most mainstream art education. This project asks how moving towards a performance-led art education might reveal the performative roles and behaviours already at play within schools, and allow us to use art to re-conceive these dynamics and systems.

Concept and organiser: henry bradley

SHIFT film: henry bradley 
Producer: Beth Lloyd-King
Freelands Foundation ArtistTeacher workshop: henry bradley and Harold Offeh
Freelands Foundation ArtistTeacher workshop organiser: Beth Lloyd-King
Freelands Foundation ArtistTeacher workshop images: Josiah Moktar
School workshop images: students from Lammas School and Sixth Form, London, UK, with teacher Menna Cominetti.

Special thanks: Menna Comminetti, Ed Berriman, Harold Offeh and Beth Lloyd-King.  


Supported by: Freelands Foundation, London, UK