rehearsing hysteria | 12m, 3-channel video, 2016 |in collaboration with Angelica Bollettinari

rehearsing hysteria is a three-channel video that follows three actors as they narrate a scripted version of themselves.

The monologues are woven together from a casting session and a series of questions that probed the personal narratives, techniques and cultural influences they use to reach an emotive state of ‘hysteria’.

Each one has a different approach, from evoking past personal memories to imagining future scenarios, from engaging physically with their body to interrogating the morality of drawing upon certain memories or projections. Through this process of internal re-telling, 'the uncanny' is evoked through a performance and re-performance of ones self.

Furthermore, as each actor finds herself alone on the theatre stage, with the empty stands only occupied by a single figure with a camera, the work sets up the question as to whether this performance is a rehearsal for a performance to come, a performance for the film itself, or a genuine encounter with the actor.

Director: Angelica Bollettinari and henry bradleyWriters: Angelica Bollettinari and henry bradley
Cinematography: Irene Gomez-Emilsson, Pablo Rojo, Adriana Kytkova and henry bradley
Sound: Angelica Bollettinari
Actors: Michelle Barwood, Liz Bishop, and Amanda Kay

Special thanks: Irene Gomez-Emilsson, Pablo Rojo, Adriana Kytkova, Michelle Barwood, Liz Bishop, and Amanda Kay

Supported by: Goldsmiths University, Centre for Research Architecture, London, UK